Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Rapid loss of subcutaneous fat is not possible

John Barban Review - Dr. Leo Wednesday replies: Rapid loss of subcutaneous fat is not possible I would like to ask the doctor Wednesday what he sees as the best way to lose weight. I know that you have experience with patients has been many years, so Can probably easily choose what one would help the most. She's the offer of diet too broad and it is difficult to orient what is effective and what is not. I cannot suffer a hunger strike, so I would welcome some easier way.

Quite a large part of my obese patients often turn to me with a problem: help me lose weight, make it "hurt" and to not worry about diet. I'm on the pages of the Diary often spoke to different promotional offers "guaranteed" means easy to baffle many people. I'm talking about advertising various products that help a person lose weight without having to be limited.  exactly the techniques
The answer is the same: Unfortunately, no such thing is not working. Otherwise we'd all be thin. Once you see the menu resource that is guaranteed and quickly performs, to nonsense. The rapid loss of subcutaneous fat is not possible. Our organism is able to eliminate a week up one to two kilograms of fat. What you dropped moreover, is a loss of fluid, and no fat.

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