Monday, 2 June 2014

Perceived exertion during training

John Barban Review - The range of intensities of perceived exertion during training This scale is intended to determine how hard you workout coached at simply how much you were training hard. This scale has a score 1 to 7 Rating of perceived exertion during training 1 - Very weak 2 - weak 3 - Medium 4 - Somewhat hard 5 - heavy 6 - Very, very difficult 7 - Execution Aerobic training Remember to always stretch and warm up, you will not only better training but also prevent various injuries that could occur.

Previous scales will help you make sense of your training sessions, of course, is not always a good idea to go up to 7, sometimes it's a necessity to come into a state of stagnation, but each workout ending a seven might not turn out well and be sure you got into a state of overworking and how we talk to next.  find inside story

The truth is that scientific studies have shown that in the morning you burn fat up to 300% more so if you really want to lose weight, go in the morning on an empty stomach cardio, of course, do not forget to take BCAA to get wasted and have not burned their own muscles.

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