Saturday, 7 June 2014

Overweight affects lifespan

What is happening now in the world, it's a conspiracy? All standards are promoting women in fashion came boyish figure type. Slim figure at different times implies a different concept. Previously, there were girls in fashion with steep hips was considered that such a woman would be a good mother. Now, when the first place are career and success in fashion unisex. All psychosis that prevails among women of all ages and constitutions, translates into hatred of the fat that has accumulated around the waist anyone who at the hips. Indeed, excess fat, overweight - it's bad.

Overweight affects lifespan. But we must distinguish between the concepts overweight and excess body fat. Women have long been struggling with local deposits of fat - belly on your thighs, and that's secondary sexual characteristics. In this case, with your body need to find a compromise and live in harmony with their figure.

And do not forget that the adipose tissue - a full-fledged, full-fledged organ of our body, it produces certain hormones. Indeed, we observe a certain age girls and boys hardly differ when the amount of adipose tissue in the body reaches a certain level, then the manifest differences in gender. Useful when fat Also through adipose tissue undergo many blood vessels and nerves, and adipose tissue, located in the abdominal area, protects internal organs from injury, and in general the whole body hypothermia.

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