Thursday, 5 June 2014

Excess Weight In The Mother After Birth

John Barban Review - Gaining many of the mothers of some excess weight through the process of pregnancy and after birth puzzled mother in how to get back to the weight of the former to be able to wear her old clothes again and even Dear mother to return to the weight I was before birth we recommend the following: 1. And breastfeeding as breastfeeding continued to keep a high level of the hormone prolactin in your body which helps the uterus to contract and return to the status and size that it was before the process of lactation .

2. Avoid eating high fat and eat meals contain all the nutrients in a balanced 3. Exercise and bitch about violent sport during the postpartum period as walking for half an hour a day will help you to get rid of the excess grease if combined with a healthy balanced eating. 4. Lot of acts of drinking water and eating vegetables. 5. Do not despair if you do not excess weight quickly and remember that the weight gained during the nine months of pregnancy, you cannot lose it within a few days, but that the process needs to be another nine months of attendance to a healthy lifestyle. exactly the techniques

6. You do not want to buy new clothes to fit your size, where the new clothes that retain the old narrow would be a motivating factor for you to continue keeping their weight loss, provided that the clothing does not impede the circulation of blood and not to put pressure on the abdominal pressure plus 7. We advise you not to load again before excess kilos gained from the first pregnancy and doctors advised that separates the pregnancy and the other from two to three years.

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