Thursday, 29 May 2014

To lose weight and content of the experimenter

John Barban Review - Who are the patients who are not indicated for the drug to them? patients allergic to the drug or its compounds _ patients taking inhibitors _ patients taking drugs stimulant central _ Injuries stroke _ patients with serotonin syndrome _ glaucoma _ Parkinson _ epilepsy patients _ depressed patients and psychiatrists. - What are the medicines that do not participate? cannot be given the medication with drugs _ drugs depression _ drugs Parkinson's _ other drugs Reducing the weight of that work centrally and botanical medicine lowering weight.

When you should contact your doctor? If this happens while taking medication of any of the following conditions must stop using the medication and consult your doctor immediately trouble breathing _ shortness of breath _ chest pain _ tachycardia more than 100 beats / minute _ heartbeat irregular _ lightness head _ depression _ sense of black dots in vision _ brain disorder _ worried and nervous _ shiver _ loss of muscle control (stiffness or hardness of the muscles) _ high temperatures _ pain in the eyes _ abdominal pain _ nausea or vomiting.

What is the expected decrease in weight when using the medication? during the first six months of treatment reduces the weight of about 8 kg, at least when using a caliber 10 mg and 10 kg, at least when using the 15 mg and continue to decrease in weight to continue treatment for a year or two. Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings be upon you think about a lot in the weight loss and diet and diet that should follow him to get a healthy body as a healthy mind in a healthy body and proved to recent studies that the types of foods you eat throughout the day affect your performance and the level of thinking as that healthy eating avoids diseases Chronic you now are some foods that help you lose weight, but this is not a substitute for exercise.

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