Sunday, 25 May 2014

Factors Retard Weight Loss

The metabolic syndrome includes several elements, notably: abdominal obesity, high blood sugar than normal and has a low ratio of good cholesterol HDL and high tri «triglyceride» in the blood and high blood pressure. In this context, it is advisable nutritionists to raise the rate of daily activity and work to lose weight at a rate ranging between 6 to 10%, in order to be able to treat the syndrome and to overcome them, which helps to improve the handling of the body with blood sugar and promote metabolism. Defect in estrogen represents «estrogen» role in the reorganization process of storing fat body of women throughout the different life stages: In stage thirty and forty, made up most of the excess fat in the arms, thighs, while in their fifties and sixties, most of that fat concentrated around the waist.

The researchers pointed out that the high rates of «estrogen» in the blood may work to increase fat storage resulting from the very slow metabolism and increase appetite to eat kinds of food with a fat content higher, both of which are two reasons for the weight gain, as studies have shown that 45% of women who suffer a significant increase in weight, lose the ability to reduce the weight gain caused by a defect in the proportion of resulting from eating a hormone replacement or oral contraceptives, which leads to the formation of excessive amounts of unhealthy it, and therefore works to store fat in areas of topical Body. click the next page

in addition to the increased incidence of estrogen lead to mood variability and sensitivity of the breast, change in menstrual heat and excessive sweating. In this context, it is recommended specialists to conduct urinalysis to see the imbalance in the ratio of , which must be in the range normal rate between 70 to 90 millimeters for pre menopausal and 130 millimeters beyond the menopause, what dangerous linked to the difficulty of weight loss. Apple or pear tends body like to gain excess weight and stored around the waist and abdomen, while storing excess fat greater in the regions of the buttocks and thighs in the body like a pear, and for several reasons, most notably:

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