Thursday, 29 May 2014

Different food groups for fat loss

John Barban Review - Blood group B - nomad, balanced Blood group AB - a rare, mysterious These groups are described and characterized, and above all, based on their research prescribes nutritional recommendations. This nutritional recommendations based on the occurrence of elections in foods. Lections are substances of protein nature, occurring in foods and may not be compatible with any of the blood groups. It may then him cause various diseases from allergies, intestinal inflammation, worsening the absorption of nutrients and other harm to the body.

Based on the contents of elections in food then compiled for each blood type diet containing 16 food groups and in each of these food groups are still divided into 3 categories (food very beneficial, neutral, prohibited). Benefits Thinking about it, which foods you prefer. Disadvantages confusion in the different food groups Many versions from different sources and where it is actually correct?  click here to check the proof

foods that are found to have blood group as a community need not be appropriate in light of the principles of healthy eating and vice versa are considered very inappropriate deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals - e.g. group 0, which has recommended no milk products many other objections on scientific

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