Sunday, 25 May 2014

Many Factors Retard Weight Loss

In some cases, advanced, may stop this gland entirely for the secretion of the hormone, which leads to poor metabolic activity or to stop sometimes, and hence the low level of burning the body to the lowest proportion of him, begins to store the calorie intake through food in the form of fat redundant and increase unwanted weight , along with the emergence of some symptoms, most notably the inability to withstand cold and feeling constant fatigue, hair loss, and the incidence of constipation and memory impairment and changes in the composition of the skin, what it takes to undergo laboratory analysis of the functions of the thyroid gland through a blood test that determines the rate of thyroid hormones known as TSH, a hormone catalyst.

for the thyroid gland to produce thyroid hormone T3 and T4. Studies have shown that the high proportion of circulating TSH in the blood to a rate of between 4 to 5 indicates a problem with the weight loss, and that the body needs to increase thyroid activity to improve the incineration process and raises the metabolic rate, while the mean low ratios of hormone thyroid Free T3 or Free T4, that the activity of the metabolism is very slow, and that the process of burning calories is not enough to generate power, which leads to an increased desire to eat sugars, kinds of chocolate and juices sweetened to supply the body with the energy needed to carry out its activity daily, leading to the failure of the body in weight loss.  click the following internet site

Metabolic syndrome series of disorders that result in the body to convert large amounts of calorie intake per day to stored fat, what is causing the problems in the sugar and an increase in blood fats? The researchers stressed that overeating and lack of physical activity are a major factors in injury syndrome metabolic, which may pave the way to heart attacks, stroke and second class of diabetes and liver disease, as reflected negatively on the chemistry of the blood and the body's metabolism.

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