Thursday, 29 May 2014

Nutrition and fat loss

John Barban Review - He mostly just mix in water or milk. Often these cocktails various flavors - chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, coffee ... This cocktail usually replace two meals a day. For example, breakfast and dinner, or just maintain your weight, so just lunch or just breakfast. Does not omit in this diet snacks and one meal per day should be a classic, but definitely not high-energy.

Benefits instant powders are well-defined composition (containing high amounts of protein at the expense of fat and carbohydrates, also contains vitamins and minerals) This eliminates the counting of energy in food Quick and simple preparation habit of regular mode (when missing meals emerges early feeling of hunger) Disadvantages Taste monotony weight loss is often composed of water, and therefore the transition to a normal diet again often means weight gain the price of these protein cocktails is often.

very excessive Diet according to blood groups The "father" of this way of eating is considered an American specialist in natural medicine Dr. Peter J. D’Amato, which gave nearly 300-page book entitled Nutrition and blood group. Principle People are according to blood groups divided into 4 different types: blood group 0 - hunter, winner Blood group A - farmer, introvert

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